life with your dog

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Life with your dog can be fun and stress free.  We know because we've been there too.  Pulling, barking, jumping, not coming when called.  All of these behaviors can be changed in a fairly short time period and you can begin to enjoy the dog you've always wanted.

No dog is too old, too small, too big or too wild for us to help.  

Call us to schedule your evaluation now and we will help you finally enjoy Life With Your Dog!


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Are you at the end of your rope with your dogs behavior? Ready to throw in the towel? Have you just accepted that your dogs habits are "just the way he/she is?"

It is possible to manage your pooch, and correct bad habits, but sometimes you just need a hand from someone who speaks dog, and smells like sausage. 

Donna A. May CPT and her staff can help you gain and maintain a calm and balanced dog. She has the knowledge, experience, and education to back her training, and it has proven to have positive results.

She is a graduate of the National K-9 Training School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio, 'That's My Dog' E-cademy, Trainsmart Worksmart workshop and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She has also trained with Cesar Millan himself, and has completed 'Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals of Dog Behavhior and Training'. 


It all begins with an evaluation where we meet with you and your dog to determine what your goals are.

Following the assessment we will recommend the program best suited to your needs and budget.  


Let us help you find out just how enjoyable Life With Your Dog can be!