Training 101

Are you at your witts end with your dog barking, jumping, or not obeying basic commands? We've seen it, and we can help. From basic obedience to advanced techniques, we have something for just about anyone in any situation.

Some dogs need individual classes, or a period of time to be rehabilitated before they are ready for a group setting. We offer affordable rates for individual session training packages as well as board and train packages. Our board and train packages come with a lifetime of the dog support system via email, phone, or group sessions at no extra charge.

Is your dog showing aggression to other people or animals? We call this "reactivity" and we can offer assistance with this behavior too. Most times this behavior need one of our board and train packages, and we can recommend the best option after a low cost evaluation.

Many times we find that as owners, we need to retrain ourselves to become clear and consistent leaders for our dogs. We ask that you come to training classes with an open mind, and ready to learn new methods that will help you communicate clearly with your dog.

Want more information? Give us a call at 563-243-0504.

Ready for an application? Click here to download and print, or stop by and pick one up.

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