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During the evaluation

Evaluation starts the moment you walk in the door. How does your dog react to a new space? Does he bark? Does she get stressed out? How do you react? Are you nervous? Fearful? This is why you're here, and we are ready to help. Don't feel pressured to overcorrect your dogs behavior. We want to see what you deal with on a daily basis so we can assess triggers and get a feel for the dynamic of the environment. We allocate an hour for each assessment, to allow time for you to take your dog through several paces as instructed by a trainer, fill out a brief client information sheet, and then discuss the best training program. After the evaluation, we can recommend training packages and price quotes. 

During training sessions

You've done the evaluation. You've decided to take the plunge and enjoy Life With Your Dog, so now what? If you decide to sign up for one of our training programs, we will get you all scheduled for your classes. Some packages have a time limit to complete them. For example, our private basic obedience is a 6 week program that must be completed in 12 weeks. This allows us to keep a steady pace and provide your dog with the structure and reminders he/she needs, as well as help you maintain confidence. We allow the extra time because we understand that things come up, and we want you to get the biggest benefit from us you possibly can. If you ever need to reschedule, just give us a call and we will get you all squared away. 

Once you've completed all the classes, you get to graduate! You and your dog will be awarded an official graduation certificate, and a photo taken with your permission. Graduation takes place at the end of your last class

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